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Throwback Thursday: When Chris Martin & Sachin Tendulkar Made a Surprise Visit to a Mumbai School


Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and Coldplay's Chris Martin made a surprise visit to a community school in Mumbai just one day ahead of the Global Citizen Festival India in November of 2016.

The duo, who both appeared at the Festival at the MMRDA grounds in Mumbai, visited with 120 students at the Shri Gadge Maharaja Vidyalay school.

The children had all written essays about what better education, increased equality, and improved sanitation — issues central to the Festival, — would mean to them as they look to their futures.


MP Poonam Mahajan and Global Citizen's CEO Hugh Evans introduced the cricket legend and the lead singer of Coldplay, who is the curator of the Global Citizen Festival.

Global Citizen India — in partnership with The Global Education and Leadership Foundation — gifted school supplies for 600 children, aged from 5 to 15, and HP also donated 6 laptops to help the students continued learning.

It was surely a day to remember--not only for the students, but for Chris and Sachin, too!