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Actions taken

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An Open Letter to Global Citizens

Dear Global Citizens,

Today I write to you not as part of the core team of a movement that created history by mobilizing half a million people in support of the Sustainable Development Goals over the past three months. I don’t write to you as a contributor to a movement that executed a world class music festival that is being touted as the ‘event of the decade’.

I write to you as a young Indian, like many of you, brimming with energy, passion and hope about the prospects of our great nation, but more importantly about the leadership role that we as a people are destined to play to make this world a better place. As I look around me, I feel more and more insecure, because I see a world inundated with feelings of protectionism, xenophobia and isolationism. I see a world which is rife with fear, anger, hatred and anxiety that form the bedrock of modern day discourse. This is a world I sometimes feel hesitant to engage with, but more so, this is a world I want to change!

I believe today we stand at the crossroads of history: where each one of us has to take a vital call that will determine the world we create for ourselves and for posterity.

We must decide whether we want to engage with the culture of cynicism and pessimism, or if we want to move forward with optimism and faith. I, for one, identify with the latter, because my belief in the divine force and basic good that binds us all is much stronger than the forces of despair I see around me. And today, it is imperative that all those who, like me, believe that for all our individualism, we are at the end of the day one people--that it's our togetherness that defines us--come together and mobilise our voices to amplify our call for unity.  

That is what the Global Citizen India movement is about.

At Global Citizen India, we seek to find missionaries who believe in a humanistic approach, who are convinced that the tenets of love, charity, hope and faith form the bulwark that sustains this world. Each action you take resonates the spirit of who we are; each action sends a strong message to all those who seek to divide us. The message? We are united as one. Because we care about a hungry child, even if he isn’t our brother. Because we feel indignant when a young girl is made to feel ashamed and dirty when she has her period, even if she isn’t our sister. Because we feel the pain of over a billion people forced to live in extreme poverty without basic human rights or dignity, even if they aren’t our families.

It is crucial that we take this message far and wide, because it’s this energy that can inspire a generation, place accountability on our leaders, disrupt the oppressive status quo and, most importantly, rekindle hope in the minds of those who still seek their most basic rights--that the world has a place for them too, and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The fact that you supported us on an unprecedented scale--with over two million actions in merely three months--has strengthened our resolve and conviction that we are all united in the fight against injustice, inequity, and indignity. We will become the first generation to end extreme poverty on the planet, the most offensive manifestation of our collective failure.

Each one of your actions has helped us raise $6.38 billion or Rs. 43, 416 crore in commitments from governments, corporations, social influencers and development partners. These promises, when delivered, are set to affect over 516 million lives. That’s what we have achieved together in the past three months. That's what we can do when we take collective action. Imagine our strength if we collectively engage with the Global Citizen India platform over 365 days. Your digital social actions sitting in the comforts of your home can transform someone's life forever.

To end, I’d like address a more simple question someone asked me. What will a world without extreme poverty look like? While there are plenty of statistical, data-driven answers to this question, for me there’s a much simpler answer. At Global Citizen India, we envisage a world where everyone, everywhere, has the ability to realise their full potential--where the fulfilment of one’s dreams is determined by the scale of their ambition, hard work and conviction and not by involuntary fate or the “genetic lottery.”

Many would say this is utopian--an impossible dream. We say to them, it’s always impossible until it’s done!